Statement on Tunisia Crackdown

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The People Over Profit condemns the ongoing political suppression of legitimate dissent of working people in Tunisia by the local ruling elite. We call for the release of all political prisoners who have been detained for defending the rights of the working people against oppressive economic and political policies of the ruling regime in the country. We support the working peoples’ demand for economic relief amidst the crisis, and their demand for genuine exercise of the basic democratic rights and freedom.

We are aware that behind this political repression are the conditionalities being proposed and imposed by the International Monetary Fund in order for the bank to release much-needed funds to buoy the flagging economy. Such austerity measures proposed by the IMF to ensure the loans will be paid back are decades-old practice of the bank against economies of the Global South. Such conditionalities and practices by the bank have in past pushed economies of the Global South countries into more economic troubles, and brutal austerity measures reducing funds needed for basic social services and social protection.

We condemn the current ruling elite, that in order to acquire the loans from the IMF, are implementing repressive policies to clamp down and deter any dissent against the conditionalities of the IMF. We are aware that the ongoing crackdown against defenders of rights and welfare of the working people is meant to strengthen the grip of the ruling elite on power and further enable the interest of the bank.

Succeeding the attacks on the working people of Tunisia, the President of Tunisia aimed his vitriol against migrants from sub-Saharan Africa. The racist, hateful, and irresponsible remarks being made by the President against the migrants are clear maneuvers to deflect the anger of the people that is directed at the ruling elite, and place the blame for the ongoing crisis onto the migrants.

We hope that the ranks of all working people across Tunisia will come together, stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and defend their economic and political rights. We call on all working people of the world to turn their attention to Tunisia and extend their hands of solidarity to the people of Tunisia. Through Tunisian solidarity, and solidarity of the working people of the world, the people of Tunisia will achieve victory over economic and political repression.#

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