People Over Profit is a global campaign network that unites peoples movements and NGOs across the globe against FTAs and corporate plunder. It is convened by the following organizations:

Asian Peasant Coalition (APC)

The Asian Peasant Coalition (APC) is “an Asia-wide peasant coalition of farmers, landless peasants, fisherfolks, , agricultural workers, dalit, indigenous peoples, herders and pastoralists, including the women and youth across these sectors. It has more than 15 million members representing 21 organizations coming from 9 countries in Asia such as Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

International Migrants Alliance (IMA)

The International Migrants’ Alliance (IMA) is the first-ever global alliance of organizations of grassroots migrants, refugees and displaced peoples. Established in June 2008, the IMA aims to strengthen and put forward the voice of the grassroots migrants on issues affecting them and their families. From issues of remittance to rights and welfare to the resolution of forced labor migration, the IMA lays down its analysis from the grassroots migrants’ point of view and challenge the current system and its mechanisms like the Global Forum on Migration and Development.


Fahamu strengthens and nurtures the movement for social justice in Africa by generating knowledge to serve activism, bridging the gap between theory and practice, creating learning for, by and across movements, amplifying Africa-centred voices, perspectives and solutions in policy and decision-making at all levels, and creating platforms for analysis and debate.


Workers International Struggles Initiatives (WORKINS) is an anti-imperialist united front of workers around the globe to resist the intense attacks on public services, pensions, and workers’ rights in all countries by big finance capital. It aims to educate and mobilize a global workers’ movement for democratic pro-people transformation of our economies