cropped-POP-banner2.pngPeople Over Profit is a workers-led, global campaign network that unites working peoples, social movements and NGOs across the globe to stop free trade agreements (FTAs) and corporate plunder and demand people over profit. These corporate-backed agreements threaten our democracy, our rights, and our lives. They cover an expansive and increasingly worrying array of areas and issues which multiply impacts across sectors and communities, and provoke wide-ranging resistance in many countries.

In Europe, the movement to defeat TTIP and CETA has reached massive proportions over the past few years with thousands marching in the streets to oppose austerity, poverty and the onslaught of FTAs. At the same time, African governments and people’s organizations are rising up against EPAs that continue to exploit the continent’s rich natural resources and cheap labor. In North America, Latin America and the Asia Pacific, people are organizing to defeat the RCEP and TPPA. People across the globe are coming together like never before in a concerted escalation to stop the corporate takeover of the world and build a people’s movement against FTAs and corporate plunder.

As attacks against our rights become ever more acute, so shall our collective resistance. We demand no less than living wages for workers, land to the tillers, and access to free and accessible medicines, public health care and education. We fight for a pro-people trading system that is forged along the principles of solidarity, cooperation and complementarity among nations. A system that recognizes and upholds people’s sovereignty and people’s rights; premised on friendship and peaceful co-existence, and directs the accountability of States and the private sector to the people – a world trade order that responds to people’s needs, not to corporate elites.

People Over Profits is a contribution to the building of a global popular resistance against FTAs and transnational corporate plunder. We promote and support peoples’ resistance around the world against FTAs and other forms of neoliberal corporate attacks by sharing analyses, information and coordinating actions at the national, regional and global levels.

We invite you to join us. Be part of the growing peoples movement against FTAs and corporate plunder.

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